Avina Painting Group is proud to represent the highest level of Safety, Quality and Service, steadily growing both an impressive client base and outstanding company reputation in Longmont and the surrounding Front Range area. Employing a passionate individualized approach to each new job and exhibiting an uncompromising commitment to quality are two of our cornerstones of the way we do business, quickly having become assets that customers have come to both expect and admire from Avina Painting Group.

Our versatile team of highly experienced painters and craftsmen approach each individual project with the kind of distinct attention, foresight, and discipline one would expect when working on his or her own home. We are dedicated to providing exceptional levels of customer service and professionalism, using only the highest quality of products, and consistently displaying both outstanding workmanship and extraordinary attention to detail.

Perhaps the most distinguishing factor is the genuine “small business feel” customers have come to expect from Avina Painting Group. Characteristic of our family-centric foundation and humble beginnings, each member of our team feels passionate about providing customers with a personalized and truly fulfilling experience from start to finish. With constantly evolving technology swiftly influencing almost every facet of today’s global economy and modern business operations, this “small business feel” is quickly becoming a rare commodity in virtually every line of work. At Avina Painting Group, however, this highly desired trait has remained one of our trademark qualities, consistently employing a genuine and intimate business approach in our day-to-day business operations.

Also evident at every part of our operation is a profound appreciation for high quality. Just as impassioned as we feel about using only the highest-quality materials, we feel it critical that our entire staff embody the highest degree of skills, knowledge and professionalism. As a company, Avina Painting Group’s employees are truly our greatest asset, and we invest in highly-trained and fully recognizes our unlimited potential as a team, we will constantly strive to be a leader in the industry, stay up-to-date on the newest technologies and trends, and continue to grow and develop our expertise.