The last stage of putting up a new wall is arguably the most important. Preparing a wall for paint or wallpaper requires highly-developed drywall skills, such as properly embedding the tape, feathering out joint compound and delicate sanding to avoid fraying the tape. Hiring experienced tradesmen like those with Avina Painting Group in Longmont will guarantee flawless drywall finishing with smooth corners and imperceptible seams.

5 Levels of Professional Drywall Finishing

-At this initial phase, the drywall has only been secured to the walls or ceiling with screws.

  1.  The first true step of finishing drywall is to fill joints between sheets and cover screws with joint compound, or mud, then embed joint tape for a Level 1 finish.
  2.  Level 2 is as far as needed when applying tile over drywall and simply involves covering joint tape with a thin coat of compound.
  3.  For walls being finished with a heavy knockdown texture, stopping at Level 3 with a second coat over tape and screws is sufficient.
  4. Sanding the previously applied joint compound before applying a finishing coat of compound is Level 4. This is the most common level to stop at before applying texture.
  5. The last optional stage in drywall finishing involves applying a skim coat of mud over the entire drywall sheet with either a roller, taping knife or sprayer. This premium finish is really only necessary for surfaces that will have a high gloss finish, or where every bump or dip will be highlighted, such as on ceilings.

The levels listed above were developed to set standards for the gypsum industry and drywall professionals. Before starting a project, it’s a good idea to discuss the drywall finishing level that you expect your contractor to achieve. Taping, mudding and drywall finishing requires a high level of craftsmanship to produce a flawless surface, which the experienced professionals at Avina Painting Group can deliver. Call us today for beautifully smooth walls!