Historical buildings are a beautiful display of Northern Colorado’s rich history and have become increasingly popular for people buying homes or businesses. Historic properties boast special characteristics and unique architectural styles that set them apart from today’s more modern buildings. With that being said, historical buildings often require restorative measures, such as painting, to bring back their aesthetic appeal. Hiring a historic building painter is the best way to ensure that these properties receive the specialized attention they deserve. In Longmont, that historic building painter is Avina Painting Group.

Avina Painting Group is a locally owned and family operated painting contractor with over 30 years of residential and commercial painting experience.  Our professional historic building painters provide historic building painting services for residential and commercial clients in Longmont and the surrounding areas. We recognize the significance of the historical buildings throughout our communities and have the expertise necessary to ensure they are meticulously restored to their original beauty.

When it comes to historic building painting, we at Avina Painting Group understand that these structures require a great deal of care, therefore, we approach these special projects with a strong appreciation for their beauty and history. We pride ourselves on quality, integrity, and reliability and recognize that painting a historical building demands mindfulness, along with a strong attention to detail.

When you partner with Avina Painting Group for historic building painting, we will take great care and consideration to maintain the characteristics of the historical structure. From removing old paint and thoroughly cleaning the building, to using application methods and colors that align with the building’s history, we will ensure that these special processes receive the utmost attention. Preserving the authenticity of our community’s historical buildings while restoring their timeless beauty is what you can expect from the historic building painters at Avina Painting Group.

Whether a church, home, or business, if your historical building in Longmont or the neighboring communities could use the professional services of a historic building painter, contact Avina Painting Group. We offer free estimates and quality interior and exterior painting services you can depend on.