Painting the interior of your Longmont home or office building with a quality interior paint coating is a great way to freshen and bring a new look to the interior of your home or office building.  Avina Painting Group realizes the value of delivering a top quality interior painting service that you can be proud of for years to come.

  • During the free estimate process, our Color & Quality Paint Consultant will first work with you to determine the appropriate paint colors and paint type that best meets your interior paint quality requirements and budget.  For bathrooms and kitchen areas, and exterior facing walls, we closely inspect the  painted surfaces for water damage issues such as water penetration to drywall, signs of water stains, tobacco stains, mold, mildew, or other areas where special attention may be required. Our consultant will then make recommendations on the best course of action.
  • Upon your acceptance of our estimate, when then work with you to determine a project schedule that best meets you needs.  This also provides you with ample time to prepare for the arrival of our paint crew, as you may need to secure your pets, and move your precious  interior items to another area of the house or building (we can help with that as well).
  • Before entering your home or work place, our painters ensure that no mud, dirt or any other debris will be tracked in. In the event of bad weather days, we give you the option to reschedule, or our painters will wear protective foot booties when entering or leaving the building, and in addition will lay down drop cloth coverings to ensure a clean experience.
  • Our Longmont Painters clean the interior painted surfaces as necessary to remove all dirt, mildew, and loose debris from the interior walls.
  • Once the interior walls are clean, our painters scrape all surfaces that have any peeling or compromised paint, followed by thorough sanding of rough and bare areas for proper paint adhesion.
  • Our painters then prime  all scraped, sanded and bare areas needed to ensure an optimum protective seal.
  • Our painters then caulk and seal all cracks, open joints, holes (and nail holes) , base boards, crown molding, counter tops,  and around window frames for a professional and clean finish.
  • Once the caulking has set, and the primer is dry, our painters mask off all interior areas and lay down drop clothes and plastic to completely eliminate the chance of unwanted paint coming in contact with anything other than the designated painting surface.
  • Once the painting surface is properly prepared,  our painters apply the finish coat(s) with an airless sprayer, roller, and paint brush per your request during the estimate process.
  • Once the finish coat has been applied, we remove all masking materials and other project waste from the premises. Other than the beautiful interior paint job, you will not know we were there. Guaranteed!
  • Once the interior painting project is complete, we perform a full walk-through to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Interior Paint Options

Avina Painting Group recommends that you paint the interior of your house with top-rated materials, or a preferred product based on your budget. We offer premium lines of interior paints from these fine Longmont suppliers. Click on their respective logo for more information on their products.

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