If you have recently had the interior of your home or business painted, you are probably wondering how you can keep it looking fresh and new. Since interior painting projects are an investment, it’s important to maintain the painted areas so you get the most from your investment. Following these interior painting maintenance tips will help improve the appearance and longevity of your painting service.

At Avina Painting Group of Longmont, we understand that an interior painting project is an investment. Not to mention, these projects improve the aesthetics of a space and can add value to the property. If you follow these interior painting maintenance tips, you will enjoy your interior paint for years to come.

Interior house painting

Tips for Maintaining Interior Paint

Clean Walls and Painted Surfaces Regularly

Walls and painted surfaces can get dusty and dirty quick, especially in high traffic areas. Get into a routine of gently wiping and/or cleaning walls, banisters, windowsills, door frames, cabinets, and other surfaces that can see debris build-up. Use gentle soaps and cleansers that are safe for painted surfaces.

Smoke Outside

Cigarette smoke is one of the worst culprits for discoloring paint. Furthermore, tobacco smoke leaves a heavy film that can be very difficult to remove from walls and other surfaces. If your home or business has any smokers, set up an area outdoors.

Avoid Using Anchors and Bolts

While certain objects might require anchors or bolts to hang, try using wood screws or heavy-duty nails instead. Anchors leave unsightly holes and can damage drywall, which can be difficult to repair without altering the appearance of your paint.

Minimize Scuff Marks

Doorknobs and furniture can cause a lot of damage, such as scuffs and dents, to walls. Keep furniture at a distance so that it doesn’t come into contact with painted walls. Install door stops to keep doorknobs from hitting the walls when opened.

Degrease Kitchen Walls and Surfaces

Steam released while cooking carries grease, which accumulates on walls and cabinets. Not only is this build-up sticky, but it also attracts dust and other debris. When exhaust fans are available, they should be used every time you cook. This will help reduce build-up. Keep areas in the kitchen wiped down, especially around the oven and stove. Degreasers are great for heavy accumulation of grease and debris in the kitchen.

Touch Up Paint, When Needed

Keep any leftover paint to ensure you have it handy when you need to touch up walls or surfaces. Paint retailers can also store your information and paint purchases so that you have easy access in case you need a new can, so be sure to ask for this service anytime you buy paint for a project.

Longmont’s Trusted Painting Contractor

Avina Painting Group is committed to providing quality interior and exterior painting services for our residential and commercial clients in Longmont and the surrounding areas. We recognize that a quality painting service is the first step to maintaining interior paint, which is why we use top-quality products and the newest techniques. Furthermore, our highly skilled painting contractors take the time to properly prep and make minor repairs before applying any paint so that your painting service maintains its appearance and beauty.

If you’re considering an interior painting service in Longmont or the neighboring communities and would like a free estimate, contact Avina Painting Group. With over 30 years of collective, hands-on experience, you can trust you’ll be in good hands!