Transform Your Deck with Paint or Stain Longmont

Has your deck seen better days? Decks are exposed to harsh elements here in Northern Colorado, which can really affect their appearance. The sun, hail, snow, or even pests can wreak havoc on decks over time, but fortunately, deck painting or staining can restore them. At Avina Painting Group of Read more »

Interior Painting Maintenance Tips

If you have recently had the interior of your home or business painted, you are probably wondering how you can keep it looking fresh and new. Since interior painting projects are an investment, Read More ›

Bring a Fireplace to Life with Paint

Fireplaces are a beautiful addition to any home, but in time, their appearance can become old or dated. If you live in Longmont or the surrounding areas and want to bring a fireplace back to life Read More ›

Coordinating Paint and Roof Colors

Sure, an exterior paint job makes a big difference in a home’s appearance, but the color of the roof can greatly impact the results. When planning an exterior painting service for your home, Read More ›