Avina Painting Group focuses on superior quality at a great price. Taking the necessary time and effort to properly prepare the surface for painting is key to a paint job that looks great and lasts for years to come. The following are just a few before and after photos of the Longmont painting projects we’ve completed.

Deck Restoration Project

  • Deck Restoration Before

Notice in the deck restoration project above, all the nail holes, splits boards, and other blemishes on the deck.  There was a significant amount of  prep work involved to restore this deck’s platform and railing.  The most challenging issue with deck restoration is identifying the deck boards that are in good enough condition to retain and subsequently paint or stain, and identifying which ones simply have too much rot and cracking where they must be replaced.  If a painter simply painted over rotting wood, the paint would not withstand the underfoot movement of rotting wood and subsequent water penetration from weather. The new paint along with the old rotten deck wood, would soon crack and come apart.   We are keen to this issue, and will make sure we identify and replace any failing deck wood prior to applying the finish coat. See our Deck Restoration Services  page for more details.

Exterior Painting Project in Longmont

In the Longmont exterior painting project above, the owner was prudent about not waiting too long between paint jobs. As a result, he saved himself a lot of money in that we didn’t have to spend a lot of time scraping and priming the surface.  Extensive prep work is a large portion of the labor and expense when doing exterior repaints. See our Exterior Painting Services page for details on how we approach each project.

Another Exterior Painting Project in Longmont

Notice in the “before” picture above, that the paint has multiple shades of gray. This is a result of the exterior paint breaking down, caused by sun bleaching and oxidation over time. Ideally, this house should have been repainted a couple of years earlier to avoid the need to primer coat the entire house.  Once the existing paint has been compromised to this degree, significant prep work is required, along with a primer coat to ensure proper adhesion of the finish coat.  See our Exterior Painting Services page for details on how we approach each project.

Residential Painting Projects

Commercial Painting Projects