Picking the right color for interior painting can be overwhelming. With the thousands of color choices available, it’s important to recognize, first and foremost, that painting is a personal choice, and your satisfaction is all that really matters. However, there are some tips for choosing the right paint color that can make the process a little easier.

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At Avina Painting Group Longmont, our professional painting contractors are happy to assist our customers will all their interior painting needs. If you have an interior painting project in mind, follow these valuable tips for choosing the right color and leave the rest up to us!

8 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Color for Your Interior Painting Project

Consider the Room/Space

Perhaps you are painting a small space, such as a bathroom. If so, whites are the way to go because they can make a smaller space appear more spacious and open.

If you are wanting to make a large room feel more cozy or intimate, darker hues are the optimal choice.

Determine the Mood for the Room

Is your goal to achieve serenity in the space, or are you looking for a more energetic vibe? Realizing the mood you are trying to induce makes all the difference when choosing the right paint color.

Find Inspiration

Do you have a favorite piece of art in the living room? Or maybe a decorative pillow on bed? Find inspiration in décor or accent pieces to help narrow your color choices.

Examine the Room’s Colors

From furniture to flooring, it’s important to consider the color palette in the room to be painted. Unless you plan on replacing everything in the space, sticking with hues that will flow with the existing colors is your best bet.

Opt for Neutrals

You typically can’t go wrong with neutral paint colors, especially on large walls. Neutral tones make it easier to change out furniture and accessories. Not to mention, neutrals keep the attention on your décor and accents, not the walls.

Pick the Right Sheen

Paint colors can be affected by their type, or sheen. That being said, certain sheens belong on certain surfaces, as some surfaces will require a little more durability.

Choose semi-gloss or gloss paints for baseboards, cabinets, or other surfaces that need to be cleaned regularly, and easily. Go with flat/matte or eggshell sheens for rooms that see less traffic. A satin sheen is a great choice for a child’s room, hallway, bathroom, or other space that sees higher traffic.

Maintain Flow

It’s perfectly fine to incorporate different colors throughout the home, but in doing so, you will want to stick with the same color palette to maintain flow.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Natural light, fluorescent lighting, incandescent lighting – they all make a difference in how your paint will look once it’s on the wall. Test out your color swatches in the space you are painting to make certain the lighting doesn’t bring out unwanted hues. FYI: Natural light will show the truest color, so keep that in mind if your are painting rooms with little to no sunlight.

Now that you know how to choose the right color for your interior, choosing a professional painter who can complete the task is the next step. In Longmont, that painter is Avina Painting Group.

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