Our Painters at Avina Painting group in Longmont take deliberate care and attention to the preparation stage of each job. We sincerely believe that there is no detail too small, valuing each distinct step as an integral part of the job process. As avid believers that this is the most influential factor in producing high quality/desired results, APG consistently makes it a priority to do everything in our power not only to simply get it right the first time but exceed customer expectations from the start.

Our team’s comprehensive approach is always sure to include complete surface preparation, respect for the customers’ property, and evident efforts to ensure optimal job results. Having spent years acutely observing and pinpointing areas of both customer expectations and their pursuits of achieving premium/high-quality results, we have been able to fine-tune our craft to best meet the needs of the modern customer. Persistently making the extra effort to listen and keenly understand particular customer desires while holding true to our core values.

When you choose Avina Painting Group for the job, you will immediately recognize an earnest shared desire to provide exemplary service from start to finish. Whether it be for your home or business, we realize you have countless options when planning your next painting project. With dozens of other companies that seem to offer virtually identical services on paper / at first glance, we remain confident that choosing Avina Painting Group gives the customer a distinct advantage.

At Avina Painting Group, we pride ourselves on routine intervals of meticulous planning and thorough preparation, taking place long before the physical work even begins. The preparation phase plays a critical role in every job – regardless of job particulars/ specifics. Our dedicated personal approach is evident from the very first stages, treating each new job as an exciting new opportunity to exceed customer expectations and deliver both a service and final product that exceeds your expectations.